Dubai is still amazing.  Just love this place and we will come back as we didn’t get to do all the things we wanted to do.

I just can’t believe that Dubai was once just a place of sand.  What they have done has to be seen to be believed!  I think you will agree when you see the following pictures.

We went to the Dubai museum and we learnt about the beginnings of Dubai and it’s people.  The true Dubai natives are of African descent.

Mosques everywhere and all built differently.  They have one, two or four minarets (towers), from where the people were called to prayer.  They now use microphones and modern electronics! 

Dubai Creek.  It has been made bigger by dredging and widening. 

Their version of the “Twin Towers”  (Couldn’t move the boat for a better shot 🙂 )

 Is this a palm tree?

No, it’s a mobile phone tower!  See the antenna!

The Old Fort.  (Now a very interesting museum)  The oldest building in Dubai – 17th Century.  Most ‘modern’ buildings are demolished after 30 years due to weathering.

In days gone by – For women only – the bathroom/toilet.  The men had to go outside in the wide open spaces!

This is how they stored their water.  The ‘tank’ is made of wood and HUGE.

What is this you might be asking?  Well it a musical instrument worn by men (like a skirt).  It is covered by part of sheep hoofs (toe-nails)?  When worn, it rattles and makes ‘music’.

    BURJ AL ARAB – 7 Star Hotel

CLOSER!  From the front.

CLOSER STILL!  Helipad.  Anyone for Tennis!?


The PALM – man-made Islands.

 The BURJ KALIFA (again)

Close up, showing the curves of the building.  Rob and I just love the buildings in Dubai. 

Why did I take this picture?  Well, this number plate has only three numbers and is worth hundreds of thousands of Dirhams!  Way more than what the car is worth (and notice the make of the car!)  The Sheik has number plate – “1”

SUNRISE on the day of our departure.

This is our last post.

Thank you to all of you who have ‘shared’ our adventure with us.  We appreciated your comments, prayers and for looking at our blog on a regular basis. 

Would I do a blog again?  Yes!  Even though I took thousands of pictures (Yes that’s right.  I am too scared to count how many!) it was good to be able to pick some of them to share with you all. 

Saves us having a ‘come and see our pictures’ night!!!  Phew, I hear you say 🙂


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I know on the last post, I said this country is amazing but I have to say it again after doing a tour.

The following pictures are the ones I took yesterday.  Tonight I will edit the pictures that I took today. (Have to make them smaller so that they don’t take that long to load).


Check out the mosaic floor! It’s all marble inlaid and beautifully done. Very impressive.

 SHOPPING CENTRE:  MALL of the EMIRATES.  Amazing (OK it’s my new word, especially for Dubai)  Lots and Lots of shops!  To be honest, we really didn’t see all the shops.

Here’s what was in the shopping mall….

SNOW!!  +38 outside and -45 in the enclosed ski place.  We didn’t go in so again these pictures are taken through glass….sigh.


People ski-ing, playing and enjoying the cold!

Took the Metro rail to the next shopping centre (one of the largest in the world).  NO DRIVER!!  Computerized!  (See the man in his outfit).  It cost us less than $2 each and we can use the ticket again on the same day and the next.

And so…. the we arrive at the second shopping place – DUBAI MALL – the biggest in the world.

We decided to have a milk shake…..IT WAS HUGE!  Very yummy – we need the sugar fix to keep shopping.


A huge wall with flowing water and statues of divers.  I just had to take these pictures (changing shutter speed to get lots of different shots)


Under water zoo!  A tank of fishes (Sharks!) and scuba divers.  I didn’t fancy a swim!  The tank was 107 m long (Can’t remember how high it was but the people on the 3rd floor could see into the tank. It’s in the Guinness book of records for the largest single piece of acrylic every made. 

And…. there is a SKATING RINK!


Yes, the Tubes are filled with lollies!  (My grandkids would love this shop)

Some of these (handing on the tree) are as big as a pizza!

No Rob.  It won’t fit in the suitcase!  Now that is what I call a plant pot!  (Plastic)

BURJ KALIFA – THE TALLEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD.  We got close to it today so I will post those pictures in the next post.  (This was taken while we were on the train).

The following pictures taken outside the shopping centre (needed a break from shopping 🙂 )

We left the hotel at 10am and came back to the hotel at 8.30pm!  We didn’t see all of the shops in both of the Malls.  (Have to come back – now that is a good idea!) 

Off to have tea and a walk.  Later I will edit today’s pictures and hopefully I will be able to post again before the day ends.

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This is an amazing place!!!

Rob and I were saying that we should come back again and stay longer so that we can view all the things that Dubai has to offer.

Yesterday, Rob came shopping with me and I must say he never complained once!  (Maybe back at the hotel….sore feet, sore back…I told him it was his age not all the walking we had done! 🙂 We were on our feet for around 8 hours! )

Our Hotel (one on the right).  We are on the 12th floor (there are 26 floors).  The Majestic Hotel.  Excellent.  Would stay here again.


Our Room

View from our Room (Picture taken from inside of the room, through glass – second one is zoomed and it really isn’t that misty).  We have to get someone to come and unlock our door to get onto the balcony and have to sign a form to say the Hotel is not responsible if someone comes into to our room and steals our stuff.  I mean, who is going to climb up to the 12th floor and come through the balcony door?  James Bond, the last time I looked, is not in town!  🙂  So the next pictures were taken the same way.

 NIGHT TIME VIEW of the above.  The picture doesn’t do the view justice.  (Remember it is taken through double glazed glass)

 SUN RISE.  Nearly missed it.  The King-size bed makes for a sound night’s sleep  (or the fact we are walking everywhere?)

Each room has an arrow sign somewhere in the room that points to Mecca. 



Will post again later…. we are off today to do a tour of Dubai.  I will be taking lots of pictures!  At the moment I have filled up 2 x 4 GB plus 1 x 2 GB cards!!  Anyone wanting to come over for a viewing night? 🙂

Come back later to see some amazing pictures of Dubai’s two shopping Malls.

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It’s been awhile!

I have been busy teaching my friend how to use a few things on the net and I think I created a monster 🙂  He’s been using his computer more!  Also “Aunt” Paulina, had a cataract removed and I have been ‘nurse’, cook and dishwasher, so going on the net just didn’t happen.

So I will try to catch-up with this post.  (We are now in Dubai – 2nd day – more in the next post)

Rob, Aunty and I slowly walked to Ashton’s water supply – reservoir.  The water is down but they are going into their autumn so the water line should rise as the rains set in.  (The second picture – notice the clouds reflected in the water… my artistic streak coming out)


 Rob and I with Aunty.  She is an amazing lady for 85!  (The walking stick is hers but she didn’t want to have a picture taken with it.  We thought that Rob should hold it….it goes well with the cap!  🙂

Ahh….growing in the cracks…notice its roots….not grounded.

Another try at being artistic…. clouds reflected in the water.  We noticed the reservoir ground is built by using bricks.

The next day we went to Stalybridge.

This is the hospital where I was born! 

Amazing that it is still there!  Over the years, other newer buildings have been built but the old section still remains!

The Canal that runs through Stalybridge

And of course the TOURISTS!

Just a couple of  flower pictures to finish this post.

Aunt Paulina’s pride and joy.  If I could take a piece home, I would!

From her garden.

Next post will be on Dubai.  Come back and see some pictures of this amazing place.

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That’s right!  I use to come here with my mother as a ‘wee’ girl.  I remember: illuminations, fish n chips, wheel, donkeys on the beach, deck chairs, hankies as hats, the tower, side-show attractions and of course – ROCK.

The famous Blackpool Tower, taken from the North Pier.


Zoomed in for a closer look.  It looked like they were repainting the Tower.

Couldn’t see any Donkeys on the beach.  Only horse carts. 


The Streets are lined with fancy light ‘fittings’ and a festive of coloured globes.  We were not able to stay until evening to see the lights due to other commitments.


FISH N CHIPS!  Not wrapped in newspaper like I remember!  Still tasted good.  A nice piece of Cod.

STREET ARTIST:  Amazing detail in the painting.

I remember when I had to walk miles on the beach to reach the water’s edge.  When the tide came in, there was no beach to walk along!  It looks like they are altering the beach by adding steps and building up the wall.  I suspect the alterations are so the sea will no longer ‘bash’ the wall?

NORTH PIER. From the shore.

Walking along the Pier.  Picture a sunny day with bitterly cold wind that cuts to the bone!  There, now you have a clear picture.

Double storey carousel!  Very old and still in use.  The music is still the same!  🙂

Modern plastic DECK CHAIRS on the deck of the pier.  Very hard for old codgers to get out of! 🙂

Look closer and you will see the Wheel in the distance.  (I like the artistic shot)

Rob…. it’s not a lamp-post!  No corner, no lamp-post, no girls!  🙂

In case you have forgotten…..it’s Me!

Rusty Piles holding up the HUGE Pier!  Must be safe 😦




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I haven’t been able to post for a few days BUT I have been taking lots of pictures!  We have been back to Manchester, Chester and  Ashton. Yesterday was a nice day (but so cold) so we went to Blackpool.

Couldn’t go anywhere until the ice was scraped from the car window.  The sun was shining but the air was bitterly cold!

Wearing gloves!  It was cold but as the day went on, it got better. (The sun behind me, hence the ghostly effect – I like that).

This one is for all the bricklayers out there!  Notice the fancy brickwork and…. it’s 400 years old (and still standing) (Taken in Chester)

Sign says it all – we visited the Roman Amphitheatre.  Amazing how some of the wall is still standing after all these years.




MODERN DAY GLADIATOR!  Talking to a group of school children who were carrying their shields and swords!

Walked down to the river Dee and sat and watched the boats go by.  Please remember that it was cold.. don’t be fooled by the picture….this is not Australia with its warm sun.

The boat is named “Princes Diana”.  Take a look at the fellow on the right of the picture.  He had a small bucket and went along the little boats, scooping out water.  He must have been frozen!

Part of the City Wall of Chester (Beside the River Dee).  Chester has the most complete city wall of any place in Britain.

No we didn’t go back to London….this is the Manchester Wheel.  Much smaller and it is located in an obscure place in the city centre.  Tucked away and surrounding (close) by shops.

BLACKPOOL will be the next post.

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All the time we have been here, this is the first time that it has rained hard enough to change our plans.  We were going to Blackpool but we had to go Manchester instead.  Ron had his big umbrella and led the way – sort of what our Coach Guide did.  Off to Manchester for an orientation.

I really don’t remember anything about Manchester expect Piccadilly.  When we got there, the square had been made smaller and a wonderful fountain had been built.  After that, everything was new.  (Lots of huge shops….. coming back for a look).

Some things haven’t changed.  The pigeons are still there at Piccadilly.  Some people were having a lovely time feeding them!  No wonder they won’t leave.

The following picture doesn’t do the fountain much justice.  At first, it looked like pavement, then slowly the fountain started to erupt – starting from one end to the other – like a wave, floating across.

The two R’s.  Rob looks little – for once.

Ok, I had a fascination with the fountain.  I am not the only one.  This picture shows father and son having a CLOSE look. 

One guess who sits on the throne. (We are at last wearing our wet weather gear)

They still have trams in the City.  Got to take a ride!  They are increasing the network to go to surrounding towns.

Manchester has its own China Town.  The Biggest one in Britain, 2nd to San Francisco

The Round Library – modelled on the Albert Hall in London.

The old and the new!  The old Railway Station, (now a convention centre) and the tallest building in Manchester, behind it.


Notice Rob has gotten taller! 

 Had to have a picture of me…. just to let you know that I am here! (Have to tell Rob not to take such close ups 😦 )

If we wanted to go to the toilet in my day, this is where we went – underground.  Just had to take the picture!  It is now all locked-up and has become a reminder of days gone by.

And so ends another day.  Tune in tomorrow for pictures and stories of Chester.

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